JustGiving rolls out personalised Care button feature

| 11th Jul 14

JustGiving has unveiled the Care button, a brand new social currency to allow anyone to express what they care about on the JustGiving platform and beyond.

The Care button, which will be rolled out across charity pages on JustGiving over the next few weeks, enables a user to show they care about a cause instantly on any charity profile on the platform. It can be embedded in a charity’s own website to allow followers to express their support for a cause in a single click.

Initially available on JustGiving, the Care button will also be trialled on a small number of charity websites, as part of a closed beta test. Charities will eventually be given insight into who has cared about them, enabling them to increase their reach, and grow their supporter community on the platform.

Product Manager Jonathan Waddingham, said: “Today’s digital natives interact with organisations through a wide spectrum of online engagement, from the light touch to the intensive. Building these long-term, ongoing relationships with supporters is going to be absolutely critical for charities who want to attract the next generation of givers. The Care button allows you to publically express what you care about, and inspire others to do the same, and it is a way for donors to personalise their experience on JustGiving.”