UK joins hands with 4 countries to fight cybercrime

The Attorney Generals from 5 countries are meeting in London this week to strengthen the international fight against cybercrime.

| 9th Jul 14

The Attorney Generals from 5 countries are meeting in London this week to strengthen the international fight against cybercrime.

The Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC MP, is hosting the annual meeting of his counterparts from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA from 9 to 11 July.

Cybercrime is one of the UK government’s international criminal justice priorities, and this conference brings together leaders from across the five governments and the National Crime Agency to examine emerging issues and existing trends.

The Attorney General said: “Cybercrime evolves rapidly and presents governments daily with fresh challenges in protecting the public. By looking at how each of us has dealt with the challenge we will identify best practice and what has worked and, perhaps more importantly, what has not.

We will look at how we can collectively help one another to present a coordinated and united front against those who would wish to abuse what is predominantly a force for good.

This is a fast developing and highly relevant field for discussion. The rise of the internet and technology means that the world – our individual countries – our jurisdictions – are interconnected in ways which were never before possible or imagined.”

Topics being discussed include:

  • freedom of expression, social media and contempt of court
  • privacy and information sharing in cybercrime investigations
  • cyberbullying: prevalence and responses
  • international cooperation in cross-border investigations and prosecutions
  • building international capability to tackle cyber crime

The UK Attorney General is looking to the conference to develop a register of capacity building activity across the ‘Quintet’ countries. This would have a particular emphasis on the education of prosecutors and the judiciary on cybercrime.