Introducing Bitesized Insights from Founders Forum for Good

Matt Moorut | 3rd Jul 14

Charity Digital News is pleased to announce a new regular video feature, presented in partnership with Founders Forum for Good (FFFG), an organisation that champions and supports entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who use technology for social impact through mentoring, partnership initiatives, communications, events and funding.

FFFG has produced a fascinating series called Bitesized Insights – a collection of 2-4 minute video conversations with some of the top founders from within its network. The goal is to inspire the next generation of social entrepreneurs by capturing learning, inspiration, and advice from the world’s leading digital founders.

We will be featuring a new video from the series every week here on Charity Digital News, and to kick things off we are pleased to introduce our first Bitesized Insight from Chase Adam, Founder of Watsi, a global funding platform for medical treatments.

Chase created Watsi as a direct result of his experiences in Costa Rica whilst in the Peace Corps. In this talk, he talks about the beginning of Watsi, why now is the best time to start a company and the increasing convergence of philanthropy and business.

Enjoy the video below and look out for the next instalment next week.