Marie Curie launches digital transformation plan

| 2nd Jul 14

A new digital transformation plan has been launched by Marie Curie Cancer Care, as its new head of digital Claire Hazle admits the charity is lagging behind with its digital offerings.

Marie Curie realised it was falling behind other leading, innovative charities. Speaking to The Drum, new head of digital Claire Hazle said: “About a year and a half ago the programme of work that was required was identified in recognition that as a charity we were very, very far behind the curve in terms of our use of technology and digital. Particularly in the way we communicate with our supporters, carers, nurses and health professionals. As a charity we really need to focus in a very concentrated way on even coming up to the same level as other charities, let alone being able to demonstrate innovation in that area.”

The charity will begin by revamping its website to streamline donating and volunteering processes and will use existing data to create targeted marketing communications.

Hazle continued: “As a charity, and as any brand we know more about our customers and supporters than perhaps we realise and we can use that information to personalise that engagement in a much closer way than knowing what their Twitter handle is or what they had for breakfast. For me it’s knowing the right information about people and understanding what kind of relationship people want to have with us and being able to personalise on that.”