Smaller charities outstrip larger charities in Gift Aid Return Rate

| 17th Jun 14

According to Gift Aid solutions provider BMcAzurri, small independent charities are claiming Gift Aid on up to 50% of purchases compared to the 20-30% typically claimed by larger organisations. 

Willowbrook Hospice is a small independent charity, which is now claiming Gift Aid on up to 50% of purchases made across their stores.This success has been achieved not only by the implementation of a Gift Aid solution specifically designed for the charity sector, but by also appointing a Gift Aid Co-ordinator to oversee and train volunteers on how to approach the subject of Gift Aid donations in store.

Carol Varey, Trading Company Manager at Willowbrook Hospice said: “I think many charities fail to grasp just how crucial a role Gift Aid plays, so appointing a Gift Aid co-ordinator was a reflection of our commitment to ensuring that we really maximised it’s potential throughout the organisation. Our latest reports show that this continued focus is having a huge impact on our ability to maximise our own income-generating efforts.”