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Look Good Feel Better launches #warpaint4life campaign

To mark its 20th anniversary, cancer support charity Look Good Feel Better has teamed with Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal to launch a new campaign to help raise awareness of its work.

It will hold workshops that teach women beauty techniques aimed at “helping them face cancer with confidence.” Print ads will be displayed in Vauxhall in support of the campaign.

The campaign is being supported by digital and social activity which will encourage women to share their stories under the hashtag #warpaint4life. Brands that back the charity will also be promoting it through digital and social media.

The charity’s executive director, said: “We want to get across the message that when people come out of our workshops they feel like a million dollars. All women should feel confident and positive and we want to raise awareness of our role as an important, relevant and inclusive women’s charity that can help people face cancer with confidence.”

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  • Rosie Barrett

    What a good idea. When I had breast cancer back in the late 90’s we had the odd feel good session which was teamed with Debenhams in Plymouth. They came, armed wth goody bags to Derriford Hospital, showed us how to change what we usually did because skin tones had changed/no eyebrows or eyelashes…. And those of us not keen on wigs played with scarves. We all came out feeling a million times better about ourselves. And the knock on to that is that you’re better company, your friends don’t feel sorry for you, and after a bit, meeting people more often, they forget you are bald or thin (or fat on steroids) and they treat you like a normal person. Win, win, win.