How to create a targeted social media strategy: 3 top tips

Social media is a great tool for charities to connect with supporters and raise awareness. However, despite the large number of charities using social media, many still don’t have an official strategy in place.

Check out these top three tips for charities looking to create a targeted and effective social media strategy:

  1. Know your target audience. Create a content strategy that reflects their interests, drawing in new users to follow your social media channels.
  2. Plan content in advance. Plan to report on relevant awareness days to spark audience interaction. A content calendar might be useful for this. Carry out surveys to gain an in-depth understanding of what your supporters want to see popping up on their newsfeed.
  3. Monitor conversations through data analysis. Think of social media as a two-way communication tool; so make sure you respond to any comments. Use measurement tools such as Google Analytics to gauge consumer habits.

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