New website launched to help people affected by dementia

The Memory Box Network has launched an online community,, that aims to improve the quality of life for people affected by dementia.

Nominet Trust backed the pilot of the scheme in January 2013, and last autumn awarded a second tranche of funding to expand the project. The charity now aims to attract six million users over the next three years.

The site combines digital technology with the power of social media to deliver ‘reminiscence sessions.’ Images and multimedia clips saved in a person’s account can be accessed anywhere and added to by friends and family.

Scott Downie, Chief Executive of Memory Box Network, said: “The beauty of this approach is that anyone can deliver it. Sessions can be formal or informal and use of the site does not require qualifications. It can also be carried out anywhere, even where there is no internet access, as sessions can be pre-loaded on to a digital device.”

Vicki Hearn, Head of Operations at Nominet Trust, said: “Nominet Trust has worked closely with The Memory Box Network over the last 18 months, developing digital tools to promote the wellbeing of people affected by dementia, and we are delighted that Our Big Box is now launched. The team has an indefatigable passion to address this cause of social isolation and is deserving of success.”


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