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Traditional approaches to cybersecurity don’t work

Major insight from the inaugural IT Leaders’ Roundtable events hosted by Protiviti and Robert Half Technology has found that traditional approaches to cybersecurity are no longer working and organisations that fail to update their strategies run the risk of significant financial and reputational damage.

The main challenge lies in communication between CISOs/IT and the board; while directors are aware of the risks associated with cyber crime, they tend to view expenditure on measures to tackle cyber crime as overheads, rather than risk mitigation.

Charlie Grubb, Associate Director, Robert Half Technology said: “When we asked about the quality of information exchange around cybersecurity between IT and the board, organisations reported that this was mostly limited and reactive, rather than ongoing.  The delegates’ experiences suggest that IT security professionals need to develop skills beyond their technological knowledge – the most successful will be those who are able to explain the impact of cybersecurity risks to the board in language that they understand.”

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