Pandoo TEK partners with Computer Aid International to revolutionise computing

| 23rd May 14

Pandoo TEK Inc. is out to change the way people everywhere interact with their computing devices, while bringing equal access to technology for everyone. The Vancouver-based technology company introduced its flagship project, PANDOO, the world’s first way to turn any web browser into a powerful personal computer, on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

A portion of funds raised on Indiegogo will be split with the charity Computer Aid International to support Pandoo TEK’s mission of promoting economic development through technology.

Pandoo TEK co-founder and President Michael Patellis said: “The days of being limited by your computing devices are ending. As more services migrate to the cloud, people will find it no longer matters whether they have the latest, most expensive machine. With PANDOO, we’re making the most of this transformation by building a powerful, personalised operating system on the cloud.”

PANDOO gives users a free account with a single login to access a desktop with their favorite apps, web services, social sites, email, and more. Unlike existing web-based dashboards, which aggregate shortcuts to other websites and platforms, PANDOO integrates apps and services into a desktop, for a more personalised computing experience.

Computer Aid’s Fundraising Manager, Juliet Little says: “We are very grateful to Pandoo TEK for choosing to partner with us on this fantastic initiative. All funds raised will support us in broadening the reach of ICT to the most under-served and disadvantaged communities in the world, helping to alleviate poverty and provide new development opportunities.”