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Does your charity’s website need a facelift? (Infographic)

Your charity’s website is the first port of call for all your potential donors, so getting it right is very important. Visuals must be engaging, the call to action clear, all in an attempt to help your charity accomplish its mission.

Check out this infographic which looks at the process of nonprofit web design.

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  • Rebecca – This is a really easy to understand, simple way of laying out some of the key processes for planning and creating a new website. I’m sure it will be used as a great reference point!

    You’ve included “initial design concepts” as a step but can I add that i think there is a stage before that which shouldn’t be underestimated: Wireframes. We find this stage priceless because it allows us to agree the layout of key page templates without stakeholders being influenced/distracted by look & feel. This means when we get to the design stage we can focus on the loon & feel because the hierarchy of the page elements has already been approved by all stakeholders.

    We’ve just written a blog post on it in order to try to illustrate the importance.