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Innovative #BSOCIAL41INUK campaign kicks-off on social media

The Eeva™ Test is launching its Be Social (#BSOCIAL4INUK) campaign to raise money for Infertility Network UK (I N UK), a charity which aims to support people who are struggling to conceive.

The campaign uses the power of social media to build awareness and raise money; a donation of £1 will be made to I N UK for every ‘Like’ on Facebook or ‘Follow’ on Twitter of the fertility clinics in the UK offering the Eeva Test, which is clinically proven to aid embryologists in the selection of embryos with the highest development potential for transfer.

Lissa Goldenstein, President and CEO of Auxogyn, developers of the Eeva Test, said: “We have always believed in supporting patient education and advocacy. The #BSOCIAL4INUK campaign is very simple; with only a click patients, friends and family can support Infertility Network UK and, at the same time, become socially connected with the fertility clinics that similarly support this campaign.”

“By partnering with I N UK and IVF clinics to launch the first of its kind “Be Social” campaign we want to give patients an opportunity to read and also share their stories with others, providing and receiving support and information on infertility. We hope everyone will take part in—and click on — the #BSOCIAL4INUK campaign.”

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