Should you be asking more from your mobile donors? (Infographic)

Charities which do not have a mobile strategy in place or don’t use SMS to fundraise are missing a great opportunity. Check out these infographics from instaGiv which highlight how much money charities should ask donors for and the best months to run a campaign.

| 2nd May 14

With Stephen Sutton’s recent viral campaign raising over £3million for Teenage Cancer Trust, and the last month’s #NoMakeUpSelfie social media storm raising £8million, the ease with which donors are able to support cancer charities is as plain to see as the nose on your face. The mobile regulators PhonePay Plus estimate that annual mobile fundraising is set to reach £150million by 2015, but mobile donation solutions company instaGiv disagrees, thinking this figure could be much, much more.

instaGiv is working with charities to enhance mobile giving by optimising data collection, making marketing more dynamic, improving donor communication and boosting fundraising potential.

The infographic below shows the amount of money that people are most likely to donate by text when fundraising through instaGiv. Between 1st May 2013 – 31st March 2014 86,707 donations were placed. It is clear that £5 is the most common donation amount, followed by £3, which breaks the myth that donors typically prefer to donate only £3. Fundraisers are often hesitant to ask for more than this, but SMS offers a frictionless route to donors, making them feel more in control, so they are happy to give more.


This second infographic highlights the total amount of money raised via the instaGiv platform from June 2013 to March 2014. Based on this time period, July/August are typically the worst months to run a campaign. The sharp increase in March 2014 is largely down to the #nomakeupselfie trend which saw millions of women posting bare-faced photos on social media for charity.

Infographic 2