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Charity websites should highlight senior executive pay

In a major step forward for the charitable sector, NCVO’s Inquiry into senior executive pay levels in UK charities has recommended that charities publish the details of senior executive pay and clear explanation of their remuneration policy, on their websites no more than two clicks away from their home page.

Bruce Gordon, Chairman of the Honorary Treasurers Forum said: “The Honorary Treasurers Forum welcomes the findings of the Inquiry and in particular, the call for greater transparency on pay decisions and for charities to the publish details of senior executives salaries on their websites – no more than two clicks away from the home page. Charity donors, beneficiaries and all stakeholders have a right to this information and deserve full disclosure and it is vital to maintain public trust in the voluntary sector.”

Denise Fellows, Chief Executive, Honorary Treasurers Forum said: “Charities have a duty to ensure transparency for the public, donors and beneficiaries, not only for the levels of pay but also for the thinking behind the levels of pay by publishing in annual reports and on their websites. We look forward to working with members to get them up to speed with the report’s recommendations and we will be hosting events on this issue.”

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