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3 tips for charity crowdfunding success

Nonprofits are increasingly using crowdfunding as a form of fundraising to extend their reach and to find new donors.

Check out these tips to make your charity’s crowdfunding campaign a success.

  1. Define a clear goal. How much money do you want to raise? Make it realistic, taking into account the length of the crowdfunding campaign.
  2. Build a community. Identify your target audience and use Facebook, Twitter, and email to contact them and spread the word.
  3. Tell a story that people want to share. Let viewers know where their donation will go. Create a short video to convey the work that you do, appealing to people’s emotions, that has the potential to go viral.

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  • Heather Lynch

    Another thing to consider is to offer gifts or rewards to your supporters for certain contribution levels. For example, if a supporter was planning to give a donation of 20, but 25 will get them something special from you, they may be inspired to bump their donation up a bit.