Time is running out for charities to register interest in digital media giveaway

Every year Tellonline offers charities the opportunity to work in partnership to deliver high quality web and digital solutions, for a heavily reduced cost. By making a saving of up to 50%, charities are able to invest more into their digital assets and therefore can expect greater success in building their online presence. Many organisations have already registered their interest this year, so charities which want to register or learn more about the scheme need to act fast before the closing date.

Tellonline understands that unlike traditional businesses and retailers, charities do not always have the same disposable budgets to invest in projects such as websites, online marketing, apps and responsive design. Its annual online charity campaign aims to help at least some charities grow.

Successful charities will be able to benefit from a high standard of service and support from both teams in both London and Plymouth. After an initial discussion of what the project entails and the expectations of both halves of the partnership, Tellonline will offer regular consultation to develop a solution tailored for the charity’s goals for 2014.

Past collaborations have proven successful, with the most recent partner being Mission Without Borders. Mission Without Borders is a Christian Organisation which works across the globe to help children and families who are suffering poverty and oppression. Using local staff, volunteers and the support of churches, their aim is to address communities’ needs in a sustainable way which Tellonline enhanced through the development of an improved intranet. This enabled the community within the charity to share stories and prayers as they could now share text, web-links, and videos that had been packaged into a zip-file which could be downloaded on even a small band-width. To find out more about Tellonline’s work with charities as well as other partners, you can view their portfolio on the Tellonline website.

Managing Director, Simon Budd said: “We have been really happy so far with the level of interest the campaign has received from charities this year from all parts of the sector. We want to remind people that there is still time to register and hope that we can help numerous organisations this year.”

The window for submitting applications to be considered for the annual Tellonline Non-Profit Charity Campaign will be closing on the 13th May. If you are interested in being considered for this annual offer go to www.tellonline.com/charity. You can also contact Tellonline via email info@tellonline.com and a member of the team will be able to discuss your application.

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