Charity CEOs explain how and why they use social media

Charity chief executives are increasingly noticing the benefits of social media to campaign on behalf of their organisations and build strong relationships. Here’s what three CEOs have to say about their social media presences.

| 25th Apr 14

Last year, Zoe Amar and Matt Collins launched the Top 30 Charity chief executives on Social Media Awards, which celebrated CEOs with great personal social media presences who use social media to reach out to supporters, campaign on behalf of their organisations and build strong relationships.

In a recent post for the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, three of the current top 30 CEOs explain their reasons for using social media.

Ciarán Devane from Macmillan explains why he got started on social media: “I think with social media, you have to decide who you are on it and which part of your role you want to represent. The leader of the organisation, or the engaging leader of volunteers, or the policy wonk? I went for the policy wonk.” 

Julia Unwin from Joseph Rowntree Foundation explains how she uses social media to communicate with supporters: “Social media is particularly important to me as it connects me to people whom I wouldn’t ordinarily meet. It also helps me to navigate all the information and thinking on the web. I love the fact that someone experiencing poverty who heard me on the radio can get directly in touch.”

Thea Stein from Carers Trust explains why social media is a great tool for charities: “The immediacy, the speed and the lack of hierarchy – all of which makes it wonderful and scary at the same time. It’s a high-wire act without a safety net but it makes the most wonderful connections.” 

Nominations are now open for this year’s awards. Click here to vote.