Charities get geofence boost from UK digital pioneer

| 24th Apr 14

The charity sector is set to benefit from advances in geofencing and rich-push technology, thanks to a pioneering global digital company based in the UK.

The Royal United Hospital Bath’s Forever Friends Appeal is the first UK charity to team with Warbler Digital Group to launch its own ‘Moball’ smartphone app with unique fundraising and interactive features. The app allows charities to communicate directly with supporters and receive donations on-the-go.

Head of Communications at Warbler Digital, Helen Lancaster, said: “The app has brought to the fundraising market features that would have cost a fortune just a couple of years ago, if indeed they were in existence. Notably, the charity can easily maintain the app by itself, no expensive IT department required. It has the simplicity of say a modern website template; it uses drop-and-drag for inserting photos, videos, maps, donate buttons and the like.

“Probably the most powerful feature, is the ‘geofencing.’ A charity can set up alliances say with local festival organisers and shops offering discounts and donations. As an example, they could send a rich push message to app users passing within a set perimeter (geofence) of an event or shop (Rich push means it can contain compelling content, such as video, photos or interactive elements). That event organiser or shop will have agreed to donate an amount or give the app customer a discount for every admission or purchase. It benefits all. The event or shop gets a greater footfall, the charity much needed donations and the app user the feeling of goodwill.”