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Colour & Thing launches giveamonkeys to boost local giving

Colour & Thing, a brand and digital communications agency based in Bristol, has created a new fundraising initiative,, which aims to provide a whole new way to support local good causes in the West of England.

Dom Lane of Colour & Thing said: “We’ve developed a charity brand which is provocative rather than institutional, a message which is direct rather than needy, and a mobile-first digital platform which makes giving to causes and sharing on social media really simple. is all about supporting what matters to the user, defined in terms of outcomes rather than specific charities. It’s a microsite designed to make it as easy as possible for individuals and businesses to get the picture and make a real difference without having to spend ages searching for a beneficiary. Donate to one of four funds and your cash is distributed via Quartet grants to local charities that need it most.

“We’ve sidestepped newsletters, using Facebook and Twitter to tell beneficiaries’ stories. And each step on the user journey is easily shared. Every visitor can help spread the word and engage with what’s being achieved through donations. It’s crowdfunding for local causes if you like. Giveamonkeys is up and running and it already looks like the South West does.”

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