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Solve It developing app to warn about legal highs

Northamptonshire-based charity Solve It is raising awareness of the dangers of legal highs by developing a new mobile phone app to provide important information and advice on what to do it someone has taken one.

The app, which is due to be released this summer, has received £5,000 of funding from the office of the Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Adam Simmonds.

Legal highs are widely available on the high street and have similar effects to Class A drugs. According to the latest figures provided by the National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths, they led to 68 deaths in England and Wales in 2012.

Mr Simmonds said: “We are delighted to have helped fund this extremely worthwhile project and look forward to working alongside Solve It to tackle the growing issue of legal highs in Northamptonshire. These substances are not simply harmless fun, they are highly dangerous. People need to be in full possession of the facts and this app helps get those facts out there.”

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