Tellonline offers charities special discount for web services

Tellonline is once again holding its annual charity funding campaign, giving nonprofit organisations the chance to work in partnership on digital projects at heavily reduced rates.

In an increasingly digital world, users have high expectations of an organisation’s digital offerings. Therefore it has never been more imperative to invest in online assets in order to raise awareness of charitable causes and encourage people to donate. Not only is it a luxury to have a modern site which is both responsive and attractive to users, it is a necessity in order to survive.

Every year Tellonline offers its chosen charities the opportunity to enlist its services for up to 50% of the standard cost, which typically delivers £5,000 of free web work. It is understood that nonprofit organisations must use their money wisely and garner the maximum value out of every penny, so this provides the perfect opportunity for its partner charities to invest in web assets and digital solutions.

Tellonline services can include web design, development, responsive site development, apps, e-commerce, and digital marketing solutions, ensuring that your online presence is able to deliver the desired results for your business objectives.

Previous partners of the campaign include Mission without Borders, Disability Snowsport and the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. From creating intranets that can facilitate communication across the world, to a complete website overhaul, Tellonline has delivered on every objective to ensure a positive future for these nonprofit organisations.

Simon Budd, Managing Director of Tellonline said: “Working with our partner charities is an absolute pleasure, and gives us a great sense of pride – which is why we are keen to continue our campaign to provide more affordable prices to organisations that need them the most.”

If you are interested in being considered for this annual offer, email to discuss your application. You can also find out more information about Tellonline, the campaign, and the services it provides by visiting

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