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3 email marketing tips for nonprofits

Despite the prevalence of social media in our society, email marketing remains a highly valued tool for charities communicating with their demographics.

Check out these top tips for charity email marketing to bear in mind when it comes to your campaigns:

  1. Keep emails concise and get to the point quickly. People get dozens of emails every day and most get scanned briefly or deleted without being read!
  2. Have a clear call to action. Make it obvious what you want to the recipient to do.
  3. Don’t just email when you want something. Use it as a channel to encourage conversation.

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  • These are three great tips but to really make the most of your investment in email marketing, I would suggest adding:
    1. An easy-to-use CRM system will allow you to store profile information about your contacts and then quickly filter and segment your database to send tailored emails.
    2. A cost-effective CRM will allow you to capture responses for efficient follow-up, and maintain a history of all communications.
    3. A CRM system integrated with your website will encourage further member/donor interaction.
    4. A cloud-based CRM means you can use your existing PCs, tablets etc. to access the system without having to install a new server with the associated support and backup issues.

    For further info you might like to review
    – CRM and Membership Management for NFPs: A Practical Guide – http://content.workbooks.com/crm-and-membership-management-for-nfps-a-practical-guide
    – CRM for Trade Associations and Membership Bodies – http://www.workbooks.com/industry/trade_associations_crm
    – An Introduction to Marketing Campaigns – http://www.workbooks.com/help/campaigns

    I hope this helps, Andy.