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Marathon runners: is your online fundraising platform donating 100% to charity?

Since the London Marathon began in 1981 it has raised a massive £663 million for charity, making it the single biggest charity fundraising event in the world. But are runners aware of the multitude of fundraising platforms out there? And could they raise more money if they switched?

The Institute of Fundraising reports that 89% of UK charities are using technology – including social media, email marketing or mobile apps to fundraise, and the majority of London Marathon runners will use online giving sites to raise money for charity, without realising that a lot of these platforms take a commission.

David Berney, founder and CEO of a new and innovative fundraising web platform, Wishgenie said: “This year, Charities could be losing hundreds of pounds of marathon donations because supporters are using online giving platforms that charge a fee. Whilst technology is helping people raise more money through the internet and social media, it’s important that charities and supporters realise there are alternative online giving platforms that donate 100% of the funds to charity.”

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  • Lena Robinson

    It would be very interesting to know what those particular platforms are that offer 100% – can you provide more details please?

  • RebeccaHorsley

    Hi Lena – thanks for your comment. There are a number of donation platforms that operate fee and commission-free services, from bigger players such as BT Mydonate to newer platforms such as wishgenie. We strongly recommend that people check the terms and conditions of individual platforms to confirm the details of how they operate.

  • PleaseFund.Us

    Hi Lena and Rebecca, we’d like to throw ourselves into the arena – is completely free to use and we don’t charge any commission, just like BT Donate. In addition to this it is free for charities to register with us and we can process gift aid on behalf of the charities for free as well.

  • Lesley Pinder

    Should the question not be ‘Do you want your fundraising platform to donate 100% to charity’? Having used a whole host of platforms I can wholeheartedly say that you get what you pay for when it comes to online fundraising platforms. The benefits of working with a company that reinvests the money it charges in to new technologies that will increase the amount fundraised and decrease the staff time spent on admin and processes far outweighs the cost of the small % of commission charged. And yes, I am talking about Justgiving who I would always use, both as ‘comsumer’ and as a professional fundraiser. The only time I would use a free to use, 100% platform would be if I worked for a very small, volunteer led charity. And even then I would have to seriously look at whether the amount saved justifies the additional time spent on admin and the almost certainly less effective experience for the supporter.