Is your charity taking steps to back up data?

Phil Bridge, Managing Director, Kroll Ontrack said: “Regularly ensuring your backup solution works effectively and the data is accessible is paramount.”

| 28th Mar 14

Data released by Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery and edisclosure, has warned that having an external hard drive is not enough.

Results from a second-annual survey of customers who lost valuable computer data shows the majority of consumers and businesses are taking steps to back up their data, but a range of oversights rendered those steps ineffective.

The survey highlights that 65% had a backup solution in place at the time of data loss, up from 60% in 2013. Of those respondents, 59% used an external hard drive, 15% had cloud backup and 10% used a tape backup system. Additionally, 55% said they diligently backed up their data on a daily basis.

So why did they still lose their data? Regardless of the solution or backup frequency, data loss may have occurred as a result of one of the following oversights and/or failures:

  • The external drive was only connected on an occasional basis; backup not automated and instead performed on demand
  • The computer was not on during a scheduled backup and not configured to perform at a different time
  • The backup software failed
  • The backup ran out of destination space
  • The backup profile did not cover all of the device requiring backup
  • A file was lost before a scheduled backup occurred

Phil Bridge, Managing Director, Kroll Ontrack said: “As the year-over-year survey results demonstrate, conducting backups is just step one in a complete backup strategy. Regularly ensuring your backup solution works effectively and the data is accessible is also paramount.”