Charity canvassing support through picture sharing

An environmental charity campaign is encouraging the public to upload pictures “celebrating” Earth onto a big screen to be seen by 1.3 million commuters at Waterloo station, in exchange for donations.

Friends of the Earth’s charitable division is calling for people to send pictures of what they think makes planet Earth remarkable. The public can send in pics via text or onto their website for a £3 donation.

The campaign, which aims to open a dialogue with donors and build on the success of previous text-message and visual-marketing campaigns, will run from March 24 – 29.

The charity said it wants to “celebrate our planet and inspire people to look after it”, in its biggest campaign of the year.

“The basic premise is that people like sharing photographs so we’re giving them a bigger canvas to do this,” said a spokesman, in a bid to reconnect with former donors and connect with photo-sharing crazy under 25’s.


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