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Spotify unveils the world’s first fundraising app

Music streaming service Spotify has launched the Guilty Pledgers app, which allows music fans to give money to a charity of their choice in exchange for adding their favourite song to a party playlist.

Any Spotify user can throw a Guilty Pledgers house party by signing in with Facebook. From here, guests can add songs to the playlist from any smartphone or tablet. Songs can be pledged from any browser on any device and sent directly to the Spotify app in near real-time with all donations going through Just Giving, which supports over 13,000 charities.

Guilty pledgers co-founder Andy Whitlock says: “We wanted to make fundraising as feel-good as possible. And what could feel better than partying to your absolute favourite tunes without your friends being able to judge you?”

Angela Watts, VP Global Communications at Spotify says: “Anyone with a Spotify account can host a Guilty Pledgers house party – with no guilt required if any of your guests want to add ultimate cheese to the playlist. We think people will love how innovative and fun this app is, whilst offering a really simple way to donate to charity.”

Click here to check out the app.

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