#GoingCommando never felt so liberating with charity campaign

A host of famous male celebrities are ditching their Y-fronts to support the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC).

| 4th Mar 14

John Prescott is stripping for money (yep, you read that right), however no eggs shall be thrown, as he drops his kegs to raise money and awareness for a male cancer charity.

Prescott, along with a host of famous male celebrities, including Ricky Wilson, Keith Lemon and Jeremy Kyle are ditching their Y-fronts to support the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC).

With approximately 67,000 male cancers diagnosed each year in Britain, prognosis is significantly better when early diagnosis and early treatment is sought. The campaign seeks to raise better understanding and grab the attention of young males across the UK by using humour and the age-tested favourite, acceptable nudity.

The Going Commando video campaign shows numerous pairs of undies flying through the air in a fraternity of support alongside various celebrities professing their commitment to going commando. Bookmaker Paddy Power is supporting the campaign and will be distributing over 100,000 free stickers from their stores around the UK.

Patrick Cox, CEO of MCAC, said: “Early detection and early treatment are the two most important punches that can be thrown in the fight against male cancer. Guys are dying of embarrassment, because we don’t like to talk about anything ‘down there’. This campaign was designed to spark conversation, making men more aware of their bodies and ultimately save lives.”

The public can show their support by using #goingcommando on their social network sites, or giving a donation to MCAC by texting PANT14 followed by £2, £5 or £10 to 70070.

Going Commando day is March 7th, with the TV commercial kicking things off on March 1st.