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British Heart Foundation keeps donations rolling with help from WorldPay and POP

In a bid to keep registrations for the London to Brighton Bike Ride flowing as smoothly as possible, the British Heart Foundation has worked closely with WorldPay and digital agency POP.

Each rider must enter their details and pay a registration fee when signing up, so the British Heart Foundation faces the dual task of ensuring that both its website and payment portal can manage a high volume of traffic.

Tom Barton, Senior Project Manager for the British Heart Foundation said: “One of the great things for us is that we know that the WorldPay payment gateway can cope with more capacity than it has to. I’d estimate that we currently only use around 10% of the additional processing capacity that we have with WorldPay, but it’s reassuring to know that the system can deal with whatever we need it to.”

“With both WorldPay and POP, we know that we have the right combination to make registration the smooth success that it should be. Taking revenue and registrations is a massive part of the London to Brighton Bike Ride for us, and with WorldPay and POP we’re working with organisations that have the technological expertise, resources and dedication that we need.”

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  • jonmlind

    Can I ask that you dont post bland press releases as content – if you want to advertise a story in an email – please then at least be true to your values on the about us page -“we focus on innovations in charity technology and bring together the latest editorial insight with the broadest and most intelligent content to allow everyone to keep ahead of where the sector is going – all at no cost to the end reader.”

    How posting the piece of content do we know what innovations, enhancements or original thinking has gone into the devising of the payment system, converting riders applications or increasing the reach of the campaign.

    We all know that Worldpay has super capacity – what session concurrency was planned for, what occured? What was the length of average of customers to register? This article doesnt deserve to be on the site. Its a pr press release.

    Come on more info..more intelligence, more editorial insight?

    • RebeccaHorsley

      Hi jonmlind,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t find this article of interest. I would like to reassure you that it was found in the course of our normal newsgathering activities and included here as part of our regular round-up of what’s happening across the sector. There is no partnership or agreement between Charity Digital News and any of the parties mentioned in this piece.

      By their nature, our news round-up articles tend to be quite brief, aiming to summarise the key points of each story for our readers, as this is what they tell us they find useful.

      If you are in fact more interested in more in-depth, insight-led pieces, then please check out our ‘Insights’ category (located in the middle bar of the homepage), where you will find a selection of longer-form, opinion-based articles and other news analysis. In addition, our Resources sections contains numerous downloadable white papers and case studies that provide detailed information about specific projects and technologies. I hope you find this useful.