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Emotive video from SOS Children goes viral

A new video campaign from SOS Children’s Nordic branch that aims to raise awareness for Syrian children facing the harsh realities of winter has racked up almost 13 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded just over a week ago.

Not that you particularly need captions to understand what happens in the video, but if you want to follow exactly what’s going on, it’s recommended you select ‘English’ in the captions icon on the media player.

Check out what happens when citizens of Oslow, Norway, encounter a young freezing child at a bus stop, and get ready for your heart to melt.

Synne Rønning, from SOS Norway, who helped to create the video, said: “The campaign has worked as an eye-opener – people who watch it ask themselves: What would I do? The goal was to touch upon the fear of becoming numb to crises that don’t affect you directly.”

Donate here: http://www.sos-barnebyer.no/syriahelp

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