Rucksack containing portable mobile network launched by Vodafone Foundation

In an innovative charity tech move, the Vodafone Foundation has unveiled the new Instant Network Mini, a light mobile network contained in a backpack that can be deployed in only 10 minutes. It is hoped the device will help out aid workers who need to send out warning messages in disaster situations.

Weighing only 11 kilograms, the ‘robust’ backpack is able to be carried on as hand luggage and is simple enough to be deployed by non-technical staff.

The Vodafone Foundation Instant Network Mini is able to power five concurrent calls within a radius of 100 metres and send out thousands of essential text messages to people suffering in the surrounding vicinity of a disaster.

Within 24 hours of Typhoon Haiyan, the original Vodafone Foundation Instant Network, a portable network in four suitcases weighing 100kg, which offers a larger radius of up to 5km, was deployed to help enable 1.4 million text messages and 443,288 calls to be sent out in 29 days.

Andrew Dunnett, Director, the Vodafone Foundation, commented: “The Vodafone Foundation Instant Network has enabled thousands of people to reconnect with their loved ones. Vodafone Foundation Instant Network Mini is simple and quick to deploy and will be particularly valuable to those humanitarian workers without any other means of communication”.

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