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Worldwide Veterinary Service boosts efficiency with Access thankQ

Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) is to boost its efficiency with the implementation of Access thankQ. The organisation previously relied on unsecure, manual handling of data and information. With the introduction of thankQ, processes will now be automated and secure, delivering greater control and visibility throughout the organisation.

James Florence, Managing Director for WVS said: “We were looking for a system with security in mind, whilst trying to capitalise on our finances and reduce administration time through consolidation of information. We compared a variety of systems, and with Access thankQ, the initial outlay proved to be the best return on investment for us as an NFP.”

“Once we’ve secured our data with thankQ, it will then let us focus on providing the best service we can, whilst maximising donations and fundraising. We want to be able to make our processes efficient from both a time and cost viewpoint. thankQ fits in with our other systems, for example; Just Giving will manage and automate donation data, which we can continually analyse through thankQ’s data management tools to then engage with our audience accordingly through MailChimps API integration.”

“Another benefit of thankQ is that we can now run Gift Aid effectively, which offers us a tax relief on the donations we receive. Previously it was a time consuming manual process that didn’t prove to be cost effective for very small donations.

 “We can also better manage our online donations through WorldPay, the systems aren’t directly linked, but with thankQ the two can communicate more efficiently, it will continue to be another area that we have improved.”

“I’m really looking forward to thankQ’s data tools, I can now drill down and analyse important data, review past donations, ROIs and KPIs. We can then track and gauge engagement through our newsletters and social media.”

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