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Sightsavers drums up digital support for campaign

Sightsavers, an international development agency working in over 30 developing countries to prevent blindness and advocate equal rights for people with disabilities, has launched an innovative digital engagement tool as part of its ‘Put Us in the Picture’ campaign.

The campaign is calling on the current UK Government to commit to disability-inclusive development policies ahead of the next election to make sure people with disabilities aren’t ignored in international development programmes.

Starting this week, Sightsavers is asking social media users to ‘put themselves in the picture’ to show politicians they think excluding people with disabilities is unfair. By visiting the Sightsavers website and uploading their Facebook or Twitter profile picture into a photo mosaic, people can show that they are passionate about the cause.

Kate McCoy, Sightsavers’ Social Media Manager says: “By spending less than 60 seconds to put themselves in the picture, supporters can send a clear message to political leaders that they care about giving people with disabilities in developing countries the opportunities they deserve. We wanted to create something which helped people immediately connect with a relatively complex issue, and demonstrate that their participation has a tangible impact. Currently there are some very positive discussions happening about disability and development; we need to seize the moment to ensure a positive outcome.”

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