Webinar: Getting to grips with web accessibility

On February 26th at 1pm, a Socitm Third Sector Webinar will take place, entitled ‘Getting to Grips with Web Accessibility.’ This will be of interest to IT and Web professionals from the third sector and local authority sectors.

Most IT managers and web developers know that web accessibility is a legal requirement, but many struggle to deliver websites and apps that are accessible, usable and legal. Many also don’t realise that the public sector faces additional requirements under the Equality Act.

This webinar will provide a practical overview of web accessibility and offers practical insights into best practice, using examples form the public sector and the third sector. Robin Christopherson of AbilityNet will review some of the key issues to be addressed when planning and delivering an accessible website. Viewers will also hear from Melanie Moville, Web Manager at Preston City Council, whose site did well on accessibility in the latest Better Connected review by Socitm.

This is a shared webinar between AbilityNet and the SOCITM Third Sector Group, as part of a new series of webinars being promoted by the SOCITM Third Sector Group

Robin Christopherson is AbilityNet’s Head of Digital Inclusion and spends a lot of his time talking about accessibility with a huge range of audiences, from disability organisations to web developers and policy makers.

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