Woodland Trust selects new geographic data system

The charity will use the new Cadcorp system to help manage more than 1000 woodland sites across the country.

Matt Moorut | 11th Feb 14

The Woodland Trust has implemented a new geographic information system (GIS) developed by British software developer, Cadcorp.

GIS technology is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. The charity will use the new system to help manage its woodland sites across the country.

The trust launched a competitive tender process to find a replacement for a bespoke system, which had been in place for ten years, after realising it was struggling to meet increased information processing demands brought about by the organisation’s successful growth.

The Woodland Trust’s GIS manager, Ian White, commented: “Spatial information is central to the key aims of the Woodland Trust. These are: to create more native woods and trees; to protect the ones we have; and to inspire everyone to enjoy and value them.

 “We were formed from very small beginnings some forty years ago. Yet we now look after more than 1,000 woodland sites throughout the UK, covering approximately 240 square kilometres.. It would be inconceivable for us to operate without the support of GIS today.“

He continued: “Our existing GIS was originally developed in-house as a bespoke application in 2003. By 2012 its limitations had become apparent….The bottom line was we had to decide whether to invest in enhancing the existing system, or migrate to a new platform. We decided on replacement rather than enhancement.”