New campaign from Prostate Cancer UK scores 75,000 sign-ups

| 7th Feb 14

In just two days after the launch of its Men Vs. Prostate Cancer movement, Prostate Cancer UK had already reached its sign-up target. After a week, it had well surpassed that figure with 50,000 participants. Two weeks on, a staggering 75,000 people have signed up to support the digital campaign, backed by Bill Bailey, which uses a quiz to draw in supporters.

Drawing upon traditionally masculine stereotypes of war and battle, the campaign will run for two-years, with organisers hoping to reach around 96% of adults aged 45 years and over. Hosted by the Football League, the launch is being supported by digital, TV and print advertising, and will run until the end of March.

The campaign urges people to Google ‘Men United vs Prostate Cancer’, which initially leads them to a microsite and a quiz about the disease. Every quiz that is taken will see Keyline pledge 50p to the cause, to a maximum donation of £25,000. The charity will then take the info collected to inform their future campaigns and stats about the awareness of the disease.

The charity’s director of communications Vivienne Francis said “As a health education and engagement platform, Men United has emphatically exceeded expectations, although we calculated that it would be a very effective way of reaching out to men.”

A spokeswoman for Prostate Cancer UK told “The primary objective is engagement and to create a movement.  Last year, we raised awareness with the Sledgehammer campaign and this campaign is the development – moving from awareness to action.

“Men United is a conversation to help men to really engage with their own health, confront the risk of prostate cancer and take action.  We have to get the message out there about one of the UK’s biggest man killers, support men affected by it, and raise funds to find better tests and treatments for the future.

“By signing up, men can then use their voice, time or money – whatever they choose – to say they are a part of a growing team that’s taking action on men’s health.