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CRM and the Donor Journey Conference

On Monday 10th March, the Institute of Fundraising’s CRM and the Donor Journey Conference will take place in London.

The conference will look at how to implement a CRM programme, manage data and measure results. Leading charities and sector experts will be on hand to share their knowledge.

You will:

  • Hear how Nectar maintain personalised relationships with its customers, and how you can translate these practices to your own charity
  • Find out the impact that data protection laws may have on the use of your data
  • Discover how data can force us to rethink our own perceptions of supporter behaviour
  • Learn about the importance of breaking down silos in your charity – and get practical tips on how to achieve this
  • Gain an insight into some real lessons learnt from a leading charity’s CRM implementation project

Small charities can apply for a bursary by filling out this form before 14th February.

Click here for more information and to register.



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