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Top five tips for charities using Snapchat

2013 has proved that charities are getting better at social media. But it’s time that charities explored further than popular channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

What about Snapchat? Snapchat is an extremely popular form of social media, particular among young people. Users send a photo which lingers on screen for a few seconds before disappearing forever into cyberspace.

Here a few tips for charities which are looking to use Snapchat to communicate with their supporters:

  1. Snapchat gives charities the chance to generate hype leading up to a campaign or event. Leak exclusive footage to give your supporters a taster of what’s to come.
  2. Ask those attending your events to snap and share pictures and videos, giving a unique perspective from your supporters POV.
  3. Engage volunteers by asking them to snapchat when there are in the field.
  4. The new ‘Stories’ feature allows the user to piece together a story which can be viewed for 24 hours. Tell your supporters what you are achieving!
  5. Get personal. Send donor specific snaps to boost donor engagement.

Only the most innovative of charities will be jumping aboard the Snapchat trend. Will your organisation be one of them?

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