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Barnardo’s uses cloud collaboration technology to help volunteers nationwide

Barnardo’s, one of the UK’s leading children charities, has turned to cloud content collaboration technology to enable volunteers nationwide to securely share information with the charity’s staff.

Volunteers across the UK now have a fast and secure electronic way of sharing meeting notes, which include details of interactions with children, young people and families with internal teams at Barnardo’s.

Using Huddle Note, the volunteers can securely share their notes on any internet-enabled PC, creating and saving them directly into Huddle’s secure cloud. Granular permissions ensures that each volunteer can only access the folder that has been specifically created for them. Once a document has been created via Huddle Note, the volunteer will then notify one of the internal staff members at Barnardo’s who will transfer the file onto their internal system for archiving.

Tom Rees, Assistant Director IS, Barnardo’s says: “For us, Huddle is for our dynamic content – the doing and notifying – rather than long term storage and archiving, which is what our internal system is used for. Given the nature of the content we deal with, audit trails, permissions and security were all critical for us, but the great thing with Huddle is that it’s easy for people to understand from the offset. They should get up and running immediately with very little guidance.

“Everyone on Huddle’s team understands our requirements and the support we’ve had during the set up and ongoing from our customer success manager has been fantastic. As more and more people want secure access to information from home, the demand for services like Huddle is only going to increase and the service has given us an easy way of being able to work with external partners. ”



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