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Crimestoppers teams with OgilvyOne to launch #putpocket campaign

In a move to raise awareness about pickpocketing, Crimestoppers has launched the #putpocket campaign which sees former pickpockets slip iPad sized leaflets into unsuspecting people’s handbags.

A digital hub is being hosted on Crimestoppers’ website, led by OgilvyOne, which shows the putpockets in action.

Emma de la Fosse, executive creative director at OgilvyOne UK, said: “By using old techniques in new ways, we actively created what scientists call a ‘hot state’, which is conducive to lasting behavioural change. Exposing people to the possibility of something, but without them being directly affected, is proven to create greater resonance and impact. We want to make Crimestoppers central to a real shift in the nation’s attitude towards this crime.”

Roger Critchell, director of operations for Crimestoppers, said: “We want to highlight how easy it is for someone to be a victim of crime without even knowing a crime against them is taking place. It is not intended to scare the public, but is in fact designed to educate them about the dangers of prowling pickpockets and to ask them to ensure they are vigilant when out and about. OgilvyOne has designed a powerful platform and produced footage with real impact to help us achieve that goal.”

Check out the #putpockets campaign on twitter.


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