Top UK techies support London’s homeless people via Crisis at Christmas

To facilitate the multi-site London operation of Crisis at Christmas 2013, Aimar Foundation rolled out its cloud-based technology solutions for the sixth year running.

Aimar’s technology solution provided the Crisis volunteers access to the Crisis infrastructure, facilitating administration and collaboration to create a memorable week for the most vulnerable in society. The internet cafes allowed guests to connect to the web to look for housing, create a CV and email friends and family. Aimar delivered over 300 virtual desktop devices and thin clients, 30 networked Multi-Function Devices and printers, a VOIP system with 90 handsets, full connectivity to five of the sites via Wi-Fi and 4G together with 24/7 support during the entire operation.

CEO Simon Clark said: “This was by far Aimar’s largest and most complex initiative. It has been made possible due to the generosity of our technology partners and the volunteers who continued to donate their time and expertise over the festive period with huge enthusiasm. Each year we bring some innovation to our solution, in 2013 we introduced tablet technology to provide a richer experience for guests seeking specialist attention.”

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