Oxfam’s new fundraising campaign shows how the charity is Lifting Lives for Good

On Boxing Day Oxfam launched a new fundraising campaign, Lift Lives for Good, which illustrates the ethos at the very heart of the charity’s work.

The new campaign launched with a 60-second advert telling the story of six-year-old Dilip and how his life is lifted when his mother is given an Oxfam cow. The cow becomes the key to Dilip’s mother having an income and Dilip is shown being literally lifted off the ground as his dream of going to school becomes a reality. Other people are then seen being lifted off their feet too as
their fortunes change for the better due to the ripple effect of Oxfam’s work in the community.

Oxfam’s Chief Executive Mark Goldring said: “Long term supporters of Oxfam know and love the work the charity does to alleviate poverty. However in these times of economic instability we needed to come up with an ambitious plan to reinvigorate how people see us and bring in new support.”

Click here to view the advert.

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