Databarracks helps UNICEF UK drive IT improvements

| 11th Dec 13

Databarracks has been chosen by UNICEF UK to be its IT backup and recovery services provider. These services will help to increase the operational resilience of the organisation, enabling it to support business continuity and boosting IT recovery processes.

Ian Williamson, UNICEF UK’s ICT Director, said: “We closed our Billericay office in order to become more integrated in the way we work. Moving to one London office has enabled us to save money, improve collaboration, and, importantly, reconsider our overall IT strategy in light of newer procurement models.”

“My main priority is to ensure UNICEF UK is not preoccupied with running IT systems. Our job is to support our staff to help the world’s children. If embracing a new technology helps us to do that job better, whether that’s becoming more agile or cost-effective, then it makes sense for us to adopt it.”

By using Databarracks’ ‘Backup as a Service’, UNICEF UK gained a greater insight into their IT spend with predictable, transparent costs, as well as enhanced levels of support and protection for their mission-critical customer data. However, the new systems have also enabled the organisation to continue developing innovative fundraising strategies, such as the production of rich, media content to promote amongst their donor network.

“It’s important that we can proactively demonstrate exactly how our donors’ generous contributions help children all over the world. Video is a really great way to do that, and Databarracks’ Backup as a Service has helped us to expand our digital media function.”