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Review finds BT MyDonate gives most to charity

Charities regularly benefit from funds raised via online charity donation sites, but a Which? review has shown that they can maximise these funds by using BT MyDonate.

The review found BT MyDonate transfers the most from each donation compared with similar services such as Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving.

In addition to individual fundraising, MyDonate for Telethons has been put to good use lately. Just as BT was finalising months of preparation for the annual Children in Need (CiN) appeal, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and the team put together an appeal for the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in less than a day. This is the first time BT has run two major appeals simultaneously on the MyDonate platform, as well as the DEC Syria appeal which is an ongoing appeal.

Liz Williams, BT’s general manager of sustainable business, said: “BT is delighted to see MyDonate top this list – especially at this time. In the past few weeks MyDonate for Telethons has taken over £34m for good causes. But it’s not just about big fundraising events – people can set up their own fundraising pages for fun runs, bike rides and other sponsored challenges, and any charity can register with us. We even collect the Gift Aid on behalf of charities, so they don’t have to do this and can get on with their job.”

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  • David Alder

    MyDonate may be good at supporting big events but I think it leaves a lot to be desired for personal fundraising. I recently used MyDonate and VirginMoneyGiving alongside each other to support two different charities for a fundraising event. Although the major cause was the MyDonate charity, the second one raised almost as much. Why? Because supporters found the MyDonate process ‘clunky’, especially around Gift Aid. Some even gave up and sent cheques – but how many just gave up I can’t tell!

    MyDonate obviously costs charities less in transactional terms, but it is the total raised that will interest charities most. Sometimes paying for a more user-friendly service gives better results, as my own experience indicated.