uberVU helps charities to be more social

Tech Trust has announced that uberVU, software which helps users to build deeper relationships with their followers and social media audiences, is now accessible via its tt-exchange platform.

| 5th Dec 13

Tech Trust has announced that uberVU is now accessible via its tt-exchange platform (formerly CTXchange). The online marketing tool allows multiple social media channels to be monitored, managed and reported on in real-time from one central location. A one year subscription to the software is available to eligible charities, not-for-profits and public libraries throughout the UK for the discounted rate of £149 +VAT.

The software helps users to build deeper relationships with their followers and social media audiences. uberVU’s real-time dashboard makes it easy to find out what topics are trending and which are the most influential worldwide. All social metrics, such as likes and retweets, as well as words used in conversations, can be measured and analysed to help charities build marketing their strategies.

uberVU can support charities and not-for-profits by increasing their social media reach and enabling them to interact with their members and communities more regularly to strengthen their brands. This extended reach will also help them to engage with more influential followers and donors for fundraising efforts.

Richard Craig, CEO of Tech Trust, said: “Social media is vital for any organisation and it can be a very useful tool for communicating with audiences and communities, but managing it can be very time consuming. Both Tech Trust and uberVU are committed to helping charities make the most of their social media engagements, without draining their already stretched resources. By offering uberVU’s software through tt-exchange, more organisations will have access to technology to help them do this.”

Eligible charities, nonprofilts and libraries may request one year-long subscription to uberVU per organisation per fiscal year. This subscription is for one user with up to five data streams (individual social media accounts) and 10,000 mentions (keywords, phrases, or hashtags to be monitored) per day per data stream.