British Red Cross unveils new digital fundraising strategy

| 29th Nov 13

British Red Cross has launched a new digital fundraising initiative, ‘Give to a Special Project,’ which gives supporters the chance to directly fund a diverse range of international and UK projects ranging between £1,000 and £8,000 in value.

Inspired by the highly effective crowdfunding concept, donors begin their online journey by reading background information, looking at maps, watching videos and browsing through images before selecting a project to fund. After donating, supporters are kept up to date on how their money is helping their chosen project through regular email updates.

Natalie Parker, assistant digital fundraising manager at the Red Cross, said: “We have found that our supporters increasingly want to feel more personally connected to our work and to see exactly where their money is going. We’re in a position to do that because the Red Cross is part of such a huge global humanitarian network.  This project allows us to communicate regularly with our donors by giving them updates from the field so they can hear directly from the people their money is helping whether they are in the UK or overseas.”