iWebFTP offers charities free online hosting and storage

iWebFTP, a web based FTP hosting and cloud storage service provider, is offering charities in the UK free online hosting and storage. This offer is designed to help registered UK charities reduce organisational costs whilst increasing efficiency, accessibility and collaboration within their organisation.

The introduction of the online hosting and storage package for UK charities is seen by the company as an extension of its aspiration to continue making a difference in business and local communities across the UK.

Registered charities in the UK will be offered a free 5 Gigabytes package to help them improve their operations by better connecting their offices, volunteers and home staff. The package provides a simple to use interface through which charities can control access, create private folders and benefit from unlimited bandwidth.

Nick Pinson, Managing Director at iWebFTP, said: “There are various elements and individuals who make up a charity, which is why it can sometimes be difficult for them to combine their efforts when raising awareness of their initiatives. Through our online hosting and storage service, we hope to help UK charities discover the benefits of cloud based storage solutions and how they can improve their operations, extend their reach and continue changing the world for the better.”

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