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7 steps to boost online donations this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, the time of giving, people are digging deep into their pockets and donating to charity.

With three quarters of people beginning their research of charities online, it is important that charity websites are attractive as possible, persuading online shoppers to donate.

Follow these seven steps to increase online donations this Christmas:

  1. Place your DONATE button somewhere obvious, and make it big. Nobody wants to waste time clicking all over the place.
  2. Include a real life story. Show how a donation has helped in the past, putting it in perspective.
  3. Keep it simple. The simpler, the better. Use short forms so that donors don’t get bored and lose interest halfway through making a donation.
  4. Shout security from the rooftops. People can be wary of inputting their card details online. Tell them how secure you are!
  5. Suggest setting up  monthly giving. Whilst you have their attention, you might as well ask.
  6. Say thank you! Have a message pop up on screen immediately, letting the donor know you are grateful.
  7. Promote sharing. Sharing is caring. They can spread the word via their social media accounts and hopefully all their friends and family will donate too!

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