Social Misfits Media launches free online social media guide for charities

| 25th Nov 13

It is no longer a question of whether charities should be on social media, but rather a question of whether they are using it to its full potential.

Social Misfits Media has teamed up with Aegis Media to launch a new free online social media guide for charities, ‘Something to Tweet About’, which looks specifically at content creation and distribution.

Founder of Social Media Misfits, Carlos Miranda, discusses the power of content in a recent article for the Guardian. He warns that until your charity has a strong social media strategy in place, and is regularly sharing its own content, then it will not see the full potential of social media. According to Facebook’s Karla Geci, “good content is anything that encourages people to interact and share.”

And it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Authenticity is more important than having a big budget, fancy video. Tell stories; tell supporters what your charity is up to by following volunteers around for a day or speaking to those that you aim to help.

The guide features some examples of charities which are doing it well, such as Movember and the British Red Cross. Click here to download.