Artem SFX teams up with WaterAid to create animated toilet for new campaign

| 18th Nov 13

Water Aid recently chose special effects company Artem SFX to bring a toilet to life for its latest campaign to mark World Toilet Day on 19th November.

Artem created an animated toilet seat, ‘Louie the Loo’ which sings along to a song written for the commercial. Artem technicians took moulds from the seat and lid of an actual loo and cast them in flexible silicone. A mechanism was created to puppeteer Louie behind the set. The loo rolls were made in foam latex, meaning they could also be easily manipulated as glove puppets. Artem was working to a very tight deadline – just a 48 hour turnaround – but their extensive experience in puppetry helped them to complete the project on time.

Mike Kelt, CEO of Artem, said: “The main challenge with this project was the timescale – we had 48 hours before it was in front of camera! We were really pleased with the result, and it was great to work with WaterAid who do such good things throughout the world.”

You can watch Louie the Loo in action here: