JustGiving launches new crowdfunding site Yimby

Online fundraising platform, JustGiving, has launched Yimby.com, a new crowdfunding community for social good.

Yimby.com, which was part-funded by a £50,000 government grant, is open to anyone in the UK to raise money for a cause or local project that’s important to them. While targeted at individuals rather than charities, the platform allows a person to test ideas for a charity before eventually graduating to a full charity if they wish, should the one-off project prove successful.

The launch is the latest stage in the JustGiving growth strategy, which includes international expansion, the development of more advanced APIs and Facebook integration – which thousands of charities currently benefit from.

JustGiving co-founder Zarine Kharas, said: “JustGiving used the internet to revolutionise charitable giving. Our mission is to grow the world of giving and with Yimby, we’re taking this one step further, opening up philanthropy to any individual wanting to start a community project using the power of crowd.

“We believe that this will not only be a force for good, but will make people more philanthropic generally, which will grow the giving pie nationwide.”

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